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  • Plant Medicine Walk (1 hour dependent on season)
  • Plant Medicine Making (3 hours)
  • Moccasins Making (5-6 hours)
  • Foraging for plant food (seasonal availability)
We are open to helping you find additional expertise from the local community Winter workshops are available, let us help you with ideas

Drum Making Camp

Participants: Team of 4-5 adults, youth, children
Drumming has been a part of Yukon First Nations history, since the beginning of time. It was part of the celebration of walking the foot trails, announcing your arrival, the birth of a child, part of the stories/songs and part of our passings.
Come join on a Friday afternoon, and stay until late Sunday. You will be welcomed and orientated to the camp areas, meet the camp helpers and camp facilitators and see the sleeping areas. Each group will have the opportunity to walk on an interpretative tour through a recreated village setting with a knowledgeable First Nations guide.
During your stay, you will be offered snacks, beverages and meals. We ask that you each bring your own plate, bowl, cup and utensils. You will also need sleeping gear, sleeping mats, towels, incidentals and clothing appropriate for changing temperatures.
Workshops are held outside and in an enclosed talking house if available, if the weather changes. We have a central firepit, picnic table, tenting areas and outhouses for your use. Other options, wall tent rental for 2 persons, is $45 per night extra.
Our camp has certified Remote Wilderness First Aid, and First Aid kits if needed, certified Food Safe Level 1 & 2 for all food preparation areas. Cell service available on site. Covid 19 Yukon Health Guidelines are followed.

Cost: $1,270.00 per team (adult/child (11 to 15 yrs)

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