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MORE Spring and Summer Workshops

All packages include an intensive learning walking tour of the Southern Tutchone people of the Yukon, through a recreated village setting nestled in the woods. Following the walking tour, hot tea/bannock will be provided and time for more discussions.


For guest that have pre-booked an activity, they will be lead by a knowledgeable facilitator in their choice of activity. And Lite lunch will be provided if listed in activity.

Secrets of the Spruce Tree

It has been a long winter, and time to discover the secrets of the mighty Spruce Tree. A walk through the forest to take a look at the Spruce from every angle, “what it this”, “what is this use for”, or “how do I eat this”? Questions, questions, and time to find out.


Come join in a walk with a knowledgeable guide, that will move softly and learn about the many secrets of the Spruce tree. It is not just a tree for shelter or to keep us warm in winter…in the spring its offerings are more.


We will gather some of the treasures of the Spruce Tree and make a tea, or make a salve for those small wounds, or maybe you will be in time for spruce tip harvesting…see you soon. This package includes: Walking tour, Knowledge walk and a Light lunch.


Cost : 4 hrs $230/min 4 people/max 6 people

How to Eat what you See or Not

Spring and summer are the best times, for walking and looking to see what is peeking out from the ground. And start to plan your outings with the purpose of harvesting some of that goodness to cook, or eat as you go.


Walk with a local knowledgeable guide, and join her, to identify a few plants grown in a clean natural environment. Is it a berry or a seed? How about those leaves or tips. Flowers in the wild, can I add that to my salad? Yum, honey suckle from a bear berry(or a stone berry).


This package includes: Walking Tour/Tea/Bannock, and learning to identify what is in season asedibles on a soft walk.


Cost : 2hrs $150/min 4 people/max 6 people

Atlatl Hunting Tool

How did First Nations hunt for caribou, small animals and birds for food before rifles? Come join us for a fun afternoon and learn about this hunting tool and make your own. Of course after trying your hand at throwing a dart to test your hunting skills.


We will talk about what is the best material, how to harvest it, followed by working on the Atlatl throwing stick and dart, smoothing it out, and adding your special design touch. This Atlatl will add a special activity for all family members for years to come.


This package includes: Walking Tour, gathering materials and a Litght lunch.


Cost :  4 hrs $250/min 4 people/max 6 people

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