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About Long Ago Peoples Place

Our camp, located on the Champagne Access Road, about an hour west of Whitehorse, has been in operation since 1995. In 2024 we celebrate twenty nine years in service to our culture and heritage. We bring you back through time using recreations of traditional Southern Tutchone First Nations culture, structures and tools.

We have long been celebrated by schools throughout the Yukon, who love to bring their students of all ages to our camp for lessons in First Nations’ history. Some students stay for the day, many choose to stay overnight or even for multiple nights. We have activities and programming available for any length of stay.

We are popular with tour companies, bike and coach tour businesses who wish to add a Indigenous History element to their visitors’ stay in the Yukon. Our guest books are full of glowing compliments from our many visitors over the past 29 years.

In addition, we have many ‘drop-ins’ from visitors driving the Alaska Highway from Whitehorse towards Haines Junction or vice-versa. Our new blue highway signs attract visitors who take the Champagne by-pass, which reconnects back to the Alaska Highway.
Finally, we are a resource to our own First Nation community, who use the camp to reconnect to the land, to our traditions, to a way of life now long in the past, and to foster pride in Indigenous youth and children and for them to know that our culture is one to be celebrated and shared with the world.
We hope to see you soon, any time of year is a great time at Long Ago Peoples Place!

Meta Williams

Meta Williams is a Yukon First Nations member with family ties to several Yukon First Nations communities, and belongs to the Wolf Clan. She is a grandmother, mother, auntie, sister and niece. She comes from a large family of 11 siblings, born to a Southern Tutchone mother and first generation English/Scottish father from Weston, Ontario. She has always believed that she was gifted the ability to walk in both cultures -Indigenous and Non-First Nations. Meta joined founder Harold Johnson in 1995 to develop ”Long Ago Peoples Place”, in Champagne/Aishihik First Nations traditional territory. She became the Program Manager, Administrator, Coordinator, Host, and familiar voice during the spring, summer, and fall seasons of the past 26 years.

Meta is interested in plant medicine, First Nations culture and researching any changes she witnesses in her natural working environment. Along with her assistance in the building of “Long Ago Peoples Place”, Meta has also worked in tourism educational training, ESL for Yukon University, Community Greenhouse development and other community events. She enjoys working with people, teaching workshops and storytelling.

Meta has a story to share about her history, knowledge and resilience. She feels that it is important to share her story, culture and skills with others, for a better understanding and breaking down the barriers of the past. She looks forward to providing more workshops for other women, girls and passing on her First Nations skills to enrich their lives.

Meta believes that working on the land, outdoors and within nature is healing and a privilege.

Harold Johnson

I was born and raised in the Yukon, in both a traditional and modern family. I spend my childhood in Champagne, Higher Hay Ranch, Haines Junction and Beaver Creek. Much of this time was spend out on the land and learning the traditional ways from my grandmother and both my mother and father year-round. My Name is Harold Johnson (Gum mar ra); I am a crow member and son of the late Rachel (Johnson) Thompson/Stanley Thompson and grandson of the late Field Johnson and Francis Johnson. My modern education consisted of my attendance in public schools, post-secondary, and life experiences. I come from a family of ten siblings, many nieces, nephews and grandchildren. I am blessed with beautiful grandchildren, who need a strong voice to ensure they have a home and place for their future. And I have had the greatest opportunities to learn and share my traditional knowledge by support from our community elders and family members as my teachers.

I opened a traditional educational adventure company called “Kwaday Dan Kenji – Long Ago Peoples Place”, in 1995 to share all that I have learned and lived with visitors globally, locally, and in Yukon First Nation communities. I owe the camp’s success to all the Southern Tutchone elders, community and my family, who have made time to share their stories and continue to give me direction.
2021 is our 26th year, and there are many changes that have taken place, with the results of covid 19. I will continue to build more to accommodate further bookings, with the need for longer stays, camp rental and accommodations. I look forward to your visit and taking the path less travelled to discover our beautiful land, stories and history.